Meet OpenAIRE

OpenAIRE has grown through a series of project phases funded by the European Commission: from the DRIVER projects to link Europe’s repository infrastructure, to the first OpenAIRE project aimed to assist the EC in implementing its initial pilot for Open Access (OA) to publications, and, through several further phases which have extended and consolidated the OpenAIRE mission to implement Open Science policies.

Our steps



2006-2007 & 2007-2009
DRIVER was the first EU initiative to explore the development of a distributed infrastructure to enable enhanced interoperability of data and to establish a cohesive, pan-European infrastructure of Digital Repositories. DRIVER created a network of digital repositories across ten European countries, including many core members of the continuing OpenAIRE consortium. It enabled a production-quality digital repository infrastructure and led to the establishment of COAR (the Confederation of Open Access Repositories).



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OpenAIRE Advance

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The future of OpenAIRE

OpenAIRE’s ambitious plan for the future will enable the social and technical links to make Open Science a reality in Europe and beyond. It will ddress on one hand, key aspects and challenges of the currently transforming scholarly communication landscape and, on the other, will actively seek and promote new solutions in the realm of new technologies and expanding amounts of information that better suit the needs of Researchers, Innovators, the Public and Funding bodies.


The OpenAIRE Legal Entity represents a great opportunity to consolidate the OpenAIRE project strengths, to increase the potential and ability to attract funding for the operation of our services, and to open up to for participation and contribution by non project members. Through its participatory governance framework OpenAIRE and active presence within the European Open Science Cloud, OpenIRE seeks new “open science partnerships” in EC member states, with the aim to foster a greater country participation and collaboration level within the European Community.

Open Science out of the box

We implement the concept of Open Science as a Service (OSaaS) aiming to the development of a scientific communication interlinked ecosystem that will support the exchange of all research outputs and their sharing across reseach communities and content providers. We  experiment on the delivery of on demand Open Science publishing services through our Dashboards which use out of  the box services like ScholExplorer, Zenodo, Amnesia , DMP, to ease the cultural and technological shift towards shared Open Science publishing practices.


Addressing the scolarlry communication aspects of the resesarch life cylce, we offer a suite of services for all key stakeholders: researchers, institutions, funders,content providers, etc. We continue to enhance our tools and methods to monitor research impact effectively and link publications to data and to all research artifacts. As needs and requirements arise in different research settings, we ehnance, develop, embrace and promote services that allow researchers to perform excellent research in an open, collaborative and transparent way.

International network

Our pan-European network of National Open Access Desks (NOADs) connects research stakeholders, research institutions, and policy makers at a national level, enabling the responsive deployment of OpenAIRE services throughout Europe’s heterogeneous research ecology. In parallel we work with partners around the globe (via COAR) to foster technical interoperability amongst regional, national or thematic networks of repositories for publciations, data and all research artefacts.
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