Recommendations for Services in a FAIR data ecosystem

Results from a collaboration between RDA Europe, FAIRsFAIR, OpenAIRE, FREYA and EOSC-hub have just been published in Patterns in an article entitled Recommendations for Services in a FAIR data ecosystem. The publication is an outcome of three workshops1 held in 2019 that gathered and prioritised community feedback on the current challenges and priorities for services to support FAIR data. The overall approach is illustrated in Figure 1 and may be summarised as follows: Take stock of recommendati...

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An Update of the OpenAIRE CRIS-CERIF Implementation

One of the many activities in OpenAIRE concerns the implementation of the OpenAIRE CRIS-CERIF Guidelines  at the levels of an institutional CRIS and a national or regional CRIS. In both cases, important milestones were reached at the end of last year. On behalf of OpenAIRE, 4science has implemented the guidelines for DSpaceCRIS in versions 5 and 6  and tested them with three pilot institutions – Cyprus University of Technology, Università degli Studi di Trieste and Hamburg University o...

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Flemish Open Science Board launched to fulfill European engagement and invest in Open Science

The Flemish Open Science Board​  It was a nice Christmas present for the Open Science community, right before the New Year, The Flemish Open Science Board emerged. On initiative of Flemish minister Hilde Crevits, the Flemish Government approved the Flemish Open Science policy plan and the Open Science Board (the document can be downloaded here). Together with the Flemish Open Science Board, Flanders will invest €5 million on a recurring basis in Open Science to give substance to their Europ...

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4 Challenges for institutional research data management support

Let's be honest, it's not always easy to find your way in the jungle of research data management services. Because we hope to learn from each other, Ghent University (Belgium) shares 4 challenges1 towards the development of it's institutional research data support and what they learned along the way2.  1.Where in the world to begin?  The challenge of starting something: Policy work  Chances are you don't need to start from scratch. Research data management is integrated in the res...

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OSFAIR 2019. It’s time to move

What happened? The main conference themes: Infrastructure for open Science: services, methods and networks The European Open Science Cloud RRI and Open Science: bridging the gap Training and skills for Open Science Policies and evaluation Innovative publishing and research disseminationValue added data products and services for Open Science On 16 to 18 September 2019 at the 19th century Congress Centre Alfândega in Porto, the second Open Science FAIR brought together a diverse audience of m...

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Services to Support FAIR Data: From Recommendations to Actions

The recommendations from previous workshops can be organised in 7 categories: CertificationEssential infrastructure componentsStewardshipCostsRewardsCollaboration and supportData Management The full draft report, provided by OpenAIRE, FAIRsFAIR, RDA Europe, FREYA, EOSC-hub can be found here. Earlier this year, two workshops were held to formulate recommendations on how services and infrastructures can better support the implementation of the FAIR data principles1. The input and conclusions from ...

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